Salad Ready Meals Manufacturer

£1M benefits

5 – 1 Return on Investment

This ready meals manufacturer wanted to manage costs to drive additional sales growth, but like many suffered from typical challenges of capturing and driving shop floor performance, identifying real opportunities, and installing a sustained continuous improvement culture. 

    • Existing shop floor data capture was highly manual and admin intensive. They had been sold an SFDC system but this wasn’t linked to the production schedule, and only captured basic downtime information.
    • As a result, the shop floor staff saw performance data capture as a distraction, whilst managers rightly didn’t believe the numbers being produced, nor could they use the information to drive productivity or material yields.

Over a few short weeks we installed our SFDC system and trained front line staff in the capture and use of the information. Ease of entry and clear reports enabled the management both track live performance and to interrogate data to control all the important aspects of performance – downtime, labour hours and yield. This was possible down to product run and sku level, enabling comparison of run performance, shift performance and operator performance. The result was a rapid uplift in margins across all product lines, and a significant rise in bottom line profits.

£80M turnover, day one for day two short shelf-life products supplied to key retailers and outlets. 

“This has made a tremendous difference to us as a business”
Managing Director