Death by numbers…our clients had lost over £1 million trying to capture and report factory performance. Only a handful of people had the ability to analyse the data, even fewer had the time to dig through the data and none were using it on a daily basis.

Making it accessible…

Rather than reinventing the “capture” side of their system we simplified the reporting side to two button clicks (saving countless hours of painful analysis)

  • Verification – flagging and fixing errors
  • Area Packs – Automatically printing tailored packs for the meetings

Making it simple…

Whilst a line supervisor had the option of reviewing 25+ performance measures we summarised this as 4 performance pillars.  This was represented in £’s and allowed the client focused on the biggest opportunities.

Making it stick…

Having an easy way to track and trend improvements gave the team the confidence to try something different.

Rather than just some nice graphs the reporting was a true catalyst to unlocking the continuous improvement culture.

“Greater participation in meetings and more ownership in resolving issues, along with allowing us to take part in projects leading to a greater level of understanding of  the area, the key part we play in the success of the department and our own development”
Section Manager