Delivering real performance improvements in a truly challenging sector

Initially starting in London, we were asked to address the poor performance of some depots. The project was so successful we were asked to roll it out on a national scale.

With no daily management performance systems in place, no structured departure process, and establishment levels out of sync with the size of the depots, there was significant potential for change.

We developed and introduced:

    • A KPI system using the client database and new reporting tools
    • A driver debrief process to provide feedback on routing and customer service
    • Short interval control to catch issues before they arise and identify opportunities for increased productivity.

We also started one-to-one coaching of management and working with key stakeholders to improve behaviours, meeting structures and the elimination of inefficiencies in the operation.  Combined with a focus on shifts starting on time, getting the driver-technicians on the road faster and ensuring the maximum deliveries possible, the improvements were visible very quickly.

The net result was a distribution business with a clear set of operational standards and targets. We also introduced labour based standards in the warehousing and product recycling operations that now provide clear measures on daily performance. Along with over £1m savings, there were significant improvements in customer service, with faster deliveries and fewer wasted journeys.

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The benefits?

£1.1m in savings over the project term of one year – just in distribution.

This represents a 40% increase in deliveries in London and 20% in the rest of the UK.

There were also significant warehousing and other operational productivity improvements, with increased volume but no increase in cost.