Helping both the environment and profitability

With the focus on reducing waste across all food and manufacturing industries, Applied Acumen have a brilliant track record in waste tracking and reduction.

Working at a national bakery Applied Acumen unlocked the problems within the management systems which had been beyond all previous attempts by other consultancies to fathom.

  • Speedy implementation of a new management system delivered real results, with a sustainable & favourable payback
  • Finished Goods Wastage was reduced by 50%, overproduction was reduced internally by 60%, and inter-company transfer losses reduced by 78%
  • The cost savings of this exceeded quarter of a million pounds per annum, in a project where the company had merely sought to resolve a known systems problem, and had not foreseen any savings at all

Real, measurable results, cost savings and tangible benefits delivered by behavioural and procedural change.

Logistics Director says…

“We commissioned Applied Acumen to uncover the reasons behind a particularly difficult issue in our management systems. A problem, I might add that had baffled everyone else in the past.

“What we got was the reasons uncovered, a clear and detailed presentation of what was going on, installation of the solutions, complete buy in from our people and a reduction in waste which paid for the whole project within weeks.

“I was delighted by their approach and quality of work, but I was not surprised as they always deliver.”