Saving money on waste reduction and labour

A £50million turnover supplier of cakes and desserts with low automation coupled with a large agency workforce created challenges to maintain good process control. Lack of systems to target, record, measure or show improvements in waste reduction, combined with widespread scepticism regarding change, provided conditions ripe for an Applied Acumen programme of support.

    • Applied Acumen tackled the perception that waste was inherent in the process through detailed analysis of true fixed process loss, showing the value of taking action – and the cost of doing nothing
    • Quality controls were designed and then installed with the client team, including revisiting methods of manufacture to obtain a consistent, quality product at each step in the manufacturing process
    • The Quality Assurance System was revamped to ensure conformance at each process step without adding costs
    • We concurrently designed and installed a waste reduction system, enabling the team to accurately identify the origins and causes of waste, to measure it more accurately, and crucially to resolve root causes in a systematic and sustainable manner
    • The programme also provided a template for best practice, creating a platform for future improvement across the group

The results?

    • £1.1m annualised savings – made up of £800,000 in material yield, which in turn generated a £300,000 saving in labour
    • Waste reduction was prioritised on the agenda of the management team
    • We also developed and installed a user friendly system to maintain and improve upon savings