Absence and turnover reduction through real and measurable workforce engagement

As a result of Applied Acumen examining the true causes of long term absence and then addressing them through a structured action plan, this national transport company saw a 55% reduction in driver’s absence within 4 weeks of the programme start, without recourse to any changes to terms and conditions.

Sustainability was assured by removing the issues that had caused the situation and problems. Communication was improved, employee concerns were followed up, and as a result of these actions, faith in management was restored.

      • The saving made by this client in an absence & turnover reduction programme was over £250,000 within 6 months.
      • The net cost of engaging Applied Acumen over the same period? Zero: the programme paid for itself within 90 days.

With a special focus on behavioural drivers – we change the way people think to ensure the result is sustained, and produce significant financial returns in every case.

7% of companies in the food & drink industry admit to having an absence problem (averaging 4.1% absenteeism).

“The lads were hoping for some changes and without Applied Acumen nothing was getting done about grievances and absence. Now I spend less time in hearings than ever before and we can all get on with the job.”
Union Representative

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