Pioneers of Payment by Results…

Applied Acumen is perhaps best known for pioneering a Payment By Results model, whereby our fees are set and fixed based upon the results we promise, and only paid when our client measures achievement.

Nothing of value is free, but what we offer is something much better: talk to our clients and they’ll tell you we’re a partner who’ll work to deliver what we promise, who’ll ask for nothing more than what we earn, and who’ll always tip the balance in your favour.

With others claiming to copy our payment by results model, savvy clients are able to appreciate the unique selling points others can’t match:

  • We CO-INVEST in the analysis: both parties begin as partners
  • We will deliver a sustainable result by demonstrably changing BEHAVIOURS within the customer’s business
  • All our work will be aligned to customer STRATEGY
  • We ensure we work within the customer’s company VALUES in everything we do
  • Product QUALITY will be enhanced by our work
  • We will treat  your CUSTOMER SERVICE as if it was our own

“At last – consultants prepared to talk about cash! Acumen are the only outfit I know who put their money where their mouth is.

“They find the cash, then get after it  in a professional and structured way that delivers results”
Group Operations Director