Improvement is possible at any time…

Some people believe that consultants are only used when management have failed – this is wrong. An award winning supplier of quality products with a flexible same/next day UK wide service, across 6000+ delivery locations, were able to reduce costs by working with Applied Acumen.

  • We delivered over £2.5 million of annualised savings, by first stabilising customer service and then reducing operational cost by over 11%
  • The project was delivered through working with and developing the existing management team, without any need for capital investment
  • We delivered initial savings so rapidly that the project never had any financial exposure, which meant the client was always in pocket

The client also utilised the programme as a platform for a cultural change addressing ‘how we can do better tomorrow’, and the results demonstrate both impact and sustainability of our methodology.

“There was a time when consultants were an expensive luxury or last resort, and this remains a widely held view.

“The way Applied Acumen work has made that an obsolete view, and removed the need for  traditional consultants and interim resourcing.

“The modern business now has a new weapon in their arsenal, a partner working in a truly mutual way.”
Company Director