Great processes can give a business a distinct competitive advantage, while poor processes or poor control of good processes can bring a company to it’s knees and hand the competition a free pass.

At the core of the Applied Acumen skill set is:

        • the ability to identify and correct weaknesses in your business processes
        • a robust methodology to identify and eliminate non-value added waste in your processes
        • the expertise to help you build a framework for managing the processes of your business that is unique to your company and can be used for competitive advantage

How easy is it for your customers to find you?

How easy is it for your customers to place an order?

How easy is it for your customers to change an order?

How easy is it for your customers, or even your own people, to track the status of an order?

How easy is it to identify problems or opportunity in your business?

How easy is it to act upon opportunity in your business, or to solve problems?

How do you ensure consistency in how you do things, and in the outcomes you want?

Are you implementing a ‘me too’ template for managing your business processes that is exactly the same as that being used by your competitors?

Explore our provision of incisive expertise

Value Stream Mapping

There is a good way to do this, and then there’s the way most people do it. Let us show you why you’ll want your people doing it the good way

“Brown Papers”

Near ubiquitous use of terminology belies the real value of doing a brown paper exercise that is missed by the majority of people, consultants included.

Order Entry Processes

How easy is it for your customers to find you, and place an order? For most companies it is harder than it should be.

Sales & Operations Planning

Absolutely critical to the ability to serve a customer, we explain the P:d ratio and why it’s important in shaping an S&OP process that is fit for purpose.

Problem Solving

Even the best and simplest of processes can become corrupted or compromised. What matters then is how you deal with it. Learn the best problem solving solutions

Customer Services

How you respond, communicate and manage the interface with your customers may well determine the very future viability of your business.

Process Control

Variability in inputs, control parameters and conditions give rise to variability in outputs. We’ll give you the tools and methods to minimise variation, and cost.

Performance Reporting

Some organisations write on scraps of paper, whilst a great many others record masses of data and can’t see the wood for the trees. How do you get it just right?

Distribution Network Optimisation

Getting orders in is one thing, but what about getting your product or service to the customer in the most efficient and reliable way? Let us show you how.

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