Customer Services

How your back office talks, interacts and deals with your customers is often at least as important as how your sales people do, and in many cases more important, as it reveals exactly both how important you value the customer, as well as shining a light on how efficient and effective your organisation is.

Applied Acumen can help show you

    • How to streamline your back office without compromising service
    • The flaws in your process leading to sub-optimal customer experience, and how to fix them
    • How to extend your product and service offering to value added services your customer wants

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Our back office operation is offshore – can you help us improve our service?


The decision to off-shore or repatriate is often one based upon cost alone, and this cost evaluation rarely takes in to account either the maintenance of such operations in the long term, or the impact on brand loyalty and customer retention. It is easy to assume that customer perception is biased in respect of geography, but in reality it is shaped far more by the experience they endure. We can help you make that experience a hugely positive one, no matter the location.

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We score well on our service metrics, what can you do?

Firstly, we understand and benchmark your service ambitions, and we check whether those service metrics truly reflect those ambitions.

We help you seek out the next step for your organisation, to take service to the next level, and to identify where best in class service can be achieved for less cost.

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We need to take cost out, but still need to improve service. Can you help?


Our methodology is structured to optimise the process to provide targeted (service) results, and a by-product of our approach is to identify and eliminate those activities which hold no value for the customer, and therefore should be eliminated, whilst enabling activities – those that must be done for purposes of business continuity or legal reasons but actually are not seen or valued by the customer – we look to minimise, automate or transform in to things that the customer does value.

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How could we extend our (customer service) offering?

We help you in two ways:

    • identify where you can go the extra mile on your customer service, extending your reach, and becoming more proactive in your interactions with customers.
    • Examining servitisation: both how can you add services to your offering, and also how you can transform elements of your offering to a service or subscription basis.

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