Order entry process

Industry is changing in the area of order entry faster than in just about any other, not least driven by the move to online ordering and fast, simple, next day or even same day delivery. This is fast becoming a price of entry to any B2C market, but you can bet that any B2B customers not there already will follow soon after.

Customers will demand easy to use online order entry systems, they will demand the ability to make late changes, they will demand to be able to view what they are ordering and check versus options that they know might be available. Equally, you should want to be able to maximise the sales opportunity, by offering related items, bundles and incentives for ordering in quantities which suit your operating and supply parameters.

To do all this you need slick order entry systems, ones that integrate with and link your customer with your operational delivery execution. Does your order entry process sound like that?

Applied Acumen know how to help you achieve this, and can help you develop an entry point to your business that your customers like, want to use, and will recommend to others.


Our customers are wholesalers and retailers – they don’t want to order over the internet, do they?

Some of them already do, and expectations are changing fast.

The point is that you want the link between your customer and your order execution to be as seamless as possible, passing through as few steps as possible, but containing the necessary checks and balances to ensure that the order can be tracked, can be assessed, can be managed and controlled in the way you need, and in a way which the customer appreciates and values.

We can help you assess your order entry process, and develop a plan to achieve the ideal. Call us today to discuss how we could help.

We have a basic order entry system through our ERP – what’s wrong with that?

There could be nothing wrong with it, but it is wise not to assume that simply having a system in place which is functional, is actually the same thing as having a process in place which delights your customer.

In some cases, the functionality of a system whilst providing stability, actually drives it’s users mad! More to the point, relying upon basic functionality often means opportunity to maximise sale value, understand the customer’s true requirement, or forge a better understanding of customer needs is lost.

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We have a backlog of orders, and struggle to make our process work, can you help?


This is actually a situation in which Applied Acumen excel, and more importantly we can help turn this situation around quickly.

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