Reporting Processes

Reporting processes are an oft neglected drain on a business.

Staring with the month end reporting – if it takes the best part of the month to publish last month’s P&L then you are in good company.

How about your daily – weekly operational reporting? Like hundreds of others, are you managing your business by looking in the rear view mirror?

Alternatively, or most likely additionally, we find businesses drowning under a weight of data. Data is being collected left, right and centre, input laboriously by well meaning administrators or clerks, reports of all kinds asked for and given, or not.

Applied Acumen help our clients streamline reporting processes using new, powerful and versatile reporting technology, gathering only the information that is relevant, and providing meaningful reports only where and when they are needed in order to make an improvement in results.

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We’re drowning in data but can’t seem to agree what’s important, can you help?


We’ll map out your current reporting requirements and flush out what you really need to manage your business effectively – not just what various people think they need. Start simple, keep it simple: you’d be amazed how quickly it can make life easier for everyone!

We only have basic information, what can you do?

Work quickly to capture the information you need to make big improvements quickly.

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We can’t justify your cost for doing this, can we?

You don’t have to – we can help you build a cost benefit case for action; and if there’s no cost benefit, don’t do it!

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