Problem Solving

How does your company solve problems? Is there a preferred method, a variety of methods, or no method?

Do you rely upon individuals to fire-fight as best as they know how? Are there obvious leaders, and are they formal or informal in difficult situations?

What is the problem solving culture in your business? Is is “quick fix”, or “100-year fix” mentality?

How do you train your staff to resolve problems, to implement countermeasures, and is this training backed up by what happens in practice?

Applied Acumen can help you become more effective at problem solving, by:

        • Discerning the most appropriate and effective problem solving process for you business
        • Diagnose what is currently happening, and develop a plan to improve the culture
        • Train your staff in effective problem solving

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Do you do Lean Six Sigma training?


We undertake LSS training and qualifications which can be certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Moreover, we tailor our training to the client – so you won’t get generic material from a text book. Rather you will get bespoke delivery, using your language, and relevant to your work place, so it can be applied immediately.

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Can you show us what the best companies do?


We created the problem solving training for one of the world’s largest and geographically diverse companies covering over 400 sites globally.

Not only that, we can share with you how great companies like Honda solve problems, the techniques, processes and methods they use, and moreover how they nurture the right behaviours and culture.

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We fire-fight a lot – can you help?

Of course.

“Fire-fighting” is what a lot of companies do very well, day after day. Breaking out of a fire-fighting cycle is clearly not an easy thing to do, and certainly difficult without an injection of expert resource like Applied Acumen.

We can help you break out, regain a different kind of stability, one less reliant on a few good people burning themselves out. We can give you back control of your process.

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