Process Variability Control

Process variability is the enemy of both cost and quality, so controlling the variability of a process is very important in any business, no matter what sector of operation.

Applied Acumen can show you:

      • Cost effective ways to manage and reduce variability in any operation or administrative process
      • How to implement statistical process control (SPC)
      • How to measure variability, and the cost of that variability

Furthermore, we have a range of technical solutions, both for control and reporting, which will integrate with your systems to provide seamless management of your processes.

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Can you train our line operators in how to better control process yields and quality?


There are always three main components in variability in operations – the input materials, equipment and the people, and our methodology and approach necessarily involves ensuring all three elements are optimised to achieve minimum variation in outputs at the targeted level of cost.

This means we spend lots of time with people on the shop floor, understanding the equipment, acknowledging and incorporating both technical, customer and practical constraints, and identifying the exact operating parameters, conditions, and controls that provide consistent outputs at targeted cost.

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What technology platform do you use?

We operate a number of platforms and can therefore select the right platform that matches the needs of a client business. It’s another technical advantage we possess over spreadsheet-limited contemporaries.

Examples include the generation and use of inbound material measurement (often variable by season or geography in the case of food manufacturing) to set the right parameters for subsequent grading into manufacture, and selecting the appropriate settings and tolerances within subsequent processes; the data measurement of which might be drawn directly from the plc’s of the machinery itself.

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What industries do you specialise in?

We have built a tremendous reputation within food manufacturing, of course, where an increasing number of companies are realising the advantages our combined technology plus behaviours approach provides.

However, clients in the following sectors are equally aware of our process control expertise:

    • Warehousing and distribution
    • Industrial processing and manufacturing (pharma, packaging, plastics, liquids, high tech etc)
    • Field service (technician-led delivery, servicing and repair)

As you may guess, our methodology and technology can actually be applied in any sector, and we invite you to test our confidence!

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