Sales value & Customer Retention

FACT: Your income is leaking all the time; usually from even before the time the original sale has been made and the ink is dry. The question is: what are you doing about it?

Your systems may be old or they may be new, your people may be great or not so good, your products may be market leading or in need of a revamp, your pricing could be right or it could be wrong. These may well be your challenges at one time or another, but they have little to do with the value you retain in your business.

Do you have measures in place to minimise churn, or even better, prevent it?

Do you have the right early warning lead indicators to give you time to take action?

Is everyone in your organisation working in harmony to grow the top line?

Let us show you how.

Customer Data

Incomplete information is often a contributing factor to poor service: we’ll show you how to deal with it.

Actual Service Performance

Our VOC approach ensures you’ll measure performance the same way as your customer.

Customer Touch Points

We’ll help you clarify what these are, and help define and implement the best customer experience.

Sales Behaviours

Are these conducive to customer retention and value growth? We’ll help you find out.

Back Office

Is this helping or hindering; is it the processes, the people, or both? We’ll help you optimise at lower cost.

Account Profiles

How do you treat thousands of customers like each of them are your personal favourite?


We’ll show you how better customer management leads to lower operational cost.


Change doesn’t just happen – it needs driving, and leading. Our experience will help you support and lead the process of improvement from beginning to end.

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