The next challenge for logistics managers is to ensure that their optimised network becomes a reality

Integrated systems make the process of gathering, interrogating and understanding data easier. The absence of this is perceived as the biggest barrier to a step change.

Our clients quickly discover that the real potential lies within their own management team. We support the design and implementation of a solution that unlocks this potential within their own network.

In most cases we can offer this approach using our Payments Based on Results model, giving you reassurance around return on investment.

Training and Skills Planning

Reasons for delays and problems are often born out of a driver not being familiar with a route or a location. As part of the planning process we will help you seamlessly flag a need for training.

Standard Operating Procedures

Too many companies have SOP’s that never make it off the shelf in the office. We will support you in getting a meaningful and value added document that is linked to Training and Skills Planning and issued where required, whilst briefing the driver on his route.

Driver Rota Planning

Often companies carry too many staff or agency drivers due to misaligned or disconnected rota planning. Whether it’s skills, holidays or absence we will provide a robust method to ensure you have the right profile of drivers at all times.

Driver Debriefing

Capturing what went wrong on a route is often a conversation, and not based around financial numbers. We will support you in capturing the data required to show a financial variance, and trend the data from the macro to the micro level, we will focus your staff on reducing the variances.

Driver Legislation

All companies have a legal responsibility to ensure that they adhere to the various driving legislations. Often companies are not aware of the risk of infringements until it is too late. We will help you to make this visible at the planning stage, reducing the risk and optimising the available driver hours.

Vehicle Planning

Fleet cost can be significant in any transport network, we regularly find that fleet is not fully utilised across the day/week/year. We will support you in reducing your fleet through addressing this underutilisation.

Departures and arrivals

Network Status – “Departure & Arrivals Board”

If a vehicle departs on time it normally gets to the customer on time and arrives back on time (sounds simple and should be simple!). Having a “Departures & Arrivals Board” in real time makes this visible and easy to manage.