Manufacturing Operations Services

The blend of large numbers of people, processes, projects, legislation and targets makes operations and manufacturing a gold mine of opportunity if approached properly and a headache if not. Applied Acumen has had considerable success at surpassing all expectations in what operations can achieve, because of our detailed and incisive approach.

Our customers range from those considered to be amongst the best at what they do, who are looking to see what else can be achieved, through to those with specific challenges which need resolving.

Each programme is unique and depends on the circumstances, however customers can expect to benefit from a host of unique and quality Applied Acumen tools and approaches.

Behaviour Change

The key to any business is its people. At the core of everything we do, is getting your people aligned to moving the business forward in the same direction. We deliver this in a very controlled and visible way through our unique Behaviour Change Systems. This provides rapid, sustainable and ever improving results.


In addition to our behavioural change systems we deliver aligned training, coaching and development plans. This targeted approach addresses the biggest area of systemic or individual need.

Management Controls

As your business grows managing numbers becomes increasingly difficult and disjointed. We design systems that ensure delivering your business objectives is the focus of all employees.


Carefully adapting the information being used allows a wealth of knowledge to be available in the work place in real time, from information boards to digital displays, the staff both see and are part of a sustainable change.

Process Control

Detailed approach allows operational and management processes to be reviewed, challenged, improved and then brought under consistent control.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Applied Acumen’s tool kit has exceeded contemporary offerings, and customers have won awards for the way these techniques have been properly installed and adapted to suit their needs.

Short Interval Control

By getting correct decisions made in real time at the right level of the business, not only is responsibility increased throughout the organisation, but productivity increases are large.