Supply Chain – Planning and Scheduling

The challenge for most planning managers is to ensure that their schedule drives an efficient schedule against an endless list of constraints. Whilst this is relatively simple when the site is small and lacks complexity, medium to large sites require a different approach.

The industry often puts a lot of emphasis on purchasing an expensive ERP solution and still find themselves running the planning elements largely offline.

Not only do we help our clients with integrated tailored software, we also support all aspects of the planning, execution and the learning cycle to make sure your plan is effective.

Our software is modular; so whether you are looking to plug some holes, or you need a complete revamp, we can deploy our solutions rapidly and cost effectively

In most cases we can offer this approach using our Payments Based on Results model.

Demand Planning

Translating orders and forecasts in to a workable plan can often consume a department. Our module can do the “heaving lifting” for you.

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

We provide a simple to use system to support identifying issues before they happen.


Our systems are geared to get you most of the answer with minimum effort. This allows you to focus on the exceptions and maximising your time for value added activities.

Labour Planning

The detailed labour model allows you to effectively plan skills, smooth the labour demand and avoid using excessive labour.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Understanding your position on your schedule can help a business avoid service failures and unnecessary cost. Our real time monitoring provides this seamlessly.

Dashboards and Diagnostics

Dashboards and Diagnostics

Our dashboards and diagnostic tools are geared to let you “learn” from each and every schedule. This allows you to focus on removing the barriers to a better one.