Results Assurance is our commercial model

Results Assurance is our commercial model. Typically, although not universally, the customer only pays when an agreed benefit is seen in their profit and loss accounts.

The cumulative benefit is compared to the fees paid and the resulting cash flow is used as a measure of progress.

This cash flow is agreed prior to starting the programme and Applied Acumen will set this as our minimum ambition.

Results Based Payment Graph 1

This UK customer gained an annualised saving of over £2 million at over a 6 to 1 return, and a 2.7 to 1 return within the financial year, all at a maximum exposure of less than £50k.

Results Based Payment Graph

We have extended our Results Assurance and we guarantee…

  • All our work will be aligned to customer STRATEGY
  • That we will deliver a sustainable result by demonstrably changing BEHAVIOURS within the customer’s business
  • We will ensure we work within the customer’s company VALUES in everything we do
  • Product QUALITY will be enhanced by our work
  • We will treat your CUSTOMER SERVICE as if it was our own