Shop Floor Data Capture

Capturing the right information from the shop floor is key to understanding where the opportunities are for improvement.

The Applied Acumen SFDC suite works seamlessly with the machinery, the operators and any existing works order planning and control systems to provide front line managers with the information they need to impact performance on the go.

Plug and Play

Our SFDC can take raw information from equipment on the line

Capacity Planning

Easy data input

Key operational measures like output, quality and lost time can be recorded live

Whole line reporting

Our SFDC can incorporate your whole manufacturing process, so you can get product run by product run performance measures in addition to time-based (e.g. hourly) results.

Cloud based data

The ‘so what’ is that your IT systems won’t get bogged down by large data transfers, and you can pull any report you like, whenever you like.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Understanding your position on your schedule can help a business avoid service failures and unnecessary cost. Our real time monitoring provides this seamlessly.

Dashboards and Diagnostics

Mobile and Paperless

Our SFDC can provide you with the perfect excuse to go paperless on your shop-floor.